6-hour adult permit class is mandatory for adults ages 18-25 before they can obtain a texas driver's license. We offer adult driver education course in the traditional classroom setting. This 6-hour course covers all aspects of the texas drivers handbook including road signs and road rules.


  • 6 Hours Adult Education Class
  • Written permit test
  • Certificate issued at end of class (ADE 1317)

Price $100.00

Upon completion of the class and passing the permit test you will receive a Certificate of completion (ADE 1317) which you will take to D.P.S along with other required documents to obtain your Learners Permit.

For 25 and older: Adults 25 and older can also take our Adult Education Course for the purpose of getting their Driver License. By taking our Course you will eliminate the need to take the written test at the D.P.S.

A photo ID is required to Register.

Adult Driving Lessons

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