Our driving education program will help perfect our teens driving skills. We provide driver education course and behind the wheel driver training under the direction of a state licensed instructor. We take driving seriously and ensure that our students understand that driving is a privilege and not a right. Our state approved curriculum will ensure that our students become responsible drivers.


  • Phase-I
    • 32 Hours of classroom instruction
    • Learners Permit test based on Texas drivers Handbook
    • Certificate issued for learners permit
  • Phase-II
    • 14 Hours
    • Certificate issued for Drivers License (after completion of Program)
    • Insurance Discount

Price $459.00
or $489 with Payment Plan

Students should note that behind the wheel, instructions can be scheduled as soon as the student has obtained their learners permit.

Students who are 16 years old, have completed Driver Education Program and have held their learners permit for 6-months can schedule their Road test to get their License.

New Law: Starting September 1, 2015 all driver license applicants (ages 16-24) who have successfully completed a Teen Driver Education Course (32 classroom hours / 44 hours behind the wheel) and have been issued a DE-964 are required to take Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) course before being administered a driving skills examination.

ITTD is a free 2-hour informational video that is available through a Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) authorized schools or the Department's Impact Texas Teen Drivers website: Check resources for the link.

Upon completion of the ITTD program, teenagers will print a Certificate of Completion (Valid 90 Days) that must be presented prior to administering the road test at the Driving School or D.P.S.

Teen Driver Education

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